solar farming...

We are not Mayas. But the culture of the sun has a true impact on our job. The sun rises our vine plant, ripes our grapes, and we stock all this energie in our bottles of Burgundy.
Today, we also farm the sun through the green revolution, as we have built a new building with solar pannels on roof. Consumption on farm for 100% of our needs.


Bourgogne Aligoté...

The very old vine of Aligoté (more than 80) has been tear away just before Christmas, it did'nt survive the 21st december 2012.
Even if these plants were very good, we plan to produce a bit more of "Bons Batons"...Actually the soil is having a "rest", and we make a selection of the best specimens from the Clos St Marc...


Meeting from Clos Monopoles de Premeaux

The domaines de l'Arlot, des Hospices de Nuits St Georges, Prieuré Roch, du Château de Chambolle Musigny, des Perdrix, et Michèle & Patrice Rion had a tasting together on the 17th November 2012 to show their respective Monopoles from 2008 and 2009 vintage..
So many Monopoles of such big size in a small area is very particular for Burgundy, and we have decided to understand why this is so. Historical aspects are investigated...

From South to North, the different Climats are Clos de la Maréchale, le Clos de l'Arlot, le Clos Saint Marc, le Clos des Grandes Vignes, le Clos des Corvées, les Perdrix, le Clos des Forêts St Georges, et les Didiers.

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