Clone War

No Jedi here. We are talking about the plant material and its genetic patrimony.
Today, the vinegrower who has a very old vine wonders what to do.
If he unroots that vineyard, what will he replant then?
The nurseryman who graft the american root system with the grape variety has not a lot of choice : there are 4 or 5 different clones of pinot noir, and they were selected in the 70's, early 80's. That period was not the best in terms of vision for the future, and the climate change also modify the profile of what we are looking for today.
The answer is in fact in the vineyards! We have to select in these old vines ( before the 60's), the best individuals, to get a various selection. We are the last generation of growers who have the opportunity to do this long and meticulous work, but it worth it!
On the picture below, we have a little nursery of our own selection, used to replant our old vineyards. Baptiste cultivating the soil, this selection is for him...
Be the Force with the massale selection!