A tough year

The winter was too warm and the buds start at spring was early. The 24th April, a little rain gave the huimidity necessary to produce a bud frost at minus 2°C, and the totality of the domain was impacted. The only thing to do was to wait until the second bud get out from the vine stick. But this second bud is free of flowers, and so doesn't produce any grapes! Then the growing season was fine for the vine, who can had a rest this vintage.
The young Jules, born August won't have many bottles in his cellar!!
Harvest started the 25th September.

Concentration et densité

Bright fruit and rubis color, the general balance is great. Freshness is the keyword to describe this vintage.
The oak treatment is free of new barrel this year,due to very small quantities and to do not impact on the fresh character.
Wines with great energy, the concentration reflect the very low yields. The winemaking was quite "hands off", because these small berries were full of right elements. Yields were between 5 to 15 hl/ha.