Not so easy, but promising.

2008 was not an easy vintage for the winegrower, but thankfully harvest conditions where perfect for picking, which started on the 24th of September.


Sorting was of key importance that year and the result was beneficial. With 10% of the crop rejected, the rest went into the fermenting vats, and the first juice was good. But the skins were thin and color less intense. The winemaking goal here was to get the best out of the grapes without extracting green flavors and taste. We decided to go for a shorter maceration.

Ageing impact

It was clear that the barrel-ageing played a key role for this vintage. Put into barrel by gravity, the wine developed in contact with the lees, acquiring more and more complexity. The malolactic fermentation added another dimension, and softened the wines. The result is a vintage with very pure wines, relatively closed during their youth, but evolving enormously. A very classic vintage for Burgundy, where the pinot expresses its nobility.