A solar vintage

The winter was hopefully rainy because the other part of the season was dry and hot. The vine was really beautifull at spring, due to a very quick growth and many flowers were produced. A great vintage was on the way after the often difficult period of flowering. Unfortunately we had a big rain with some hail in the beginning of July on the very localised area of Premeaux, but luckily the sun of the summer did the job for a full ripening with very healthy grapes. The harvest started the 7th of September by the Chambolle vineyard.

What's next

Bright fruit and deep color, the general balance is that 18' produced some big wines.
At the domaine, we tried to keep our style with the freshness wich was a challenge with these big maturity.
Wines are now with great energy, the concentration is there but the wines are also very pleasant. The winemaking was quite "hands off", because these small berries were full of right elements.
The wines will be available at spring 2020

Disponibility spring 2020.