From a good "bloodline"

After 1945, 1985, 2005, here is 2015 wich is impressive by its concentration and nice balance and get into the restricted circle of the very great Burgundy vintages.
Right after devating, Patrice was talking about THE vintage of his winemaker life!!
It's true that all along the growing season, it was just perfect conditions for the vine plant and grapes, giving the 6th September beautifull berries, fully ripe and with an outstanding amount of sugar/acid level.
Your job will be to be patient with these bottles...


Winemaking was also simple and with such stuff in the vat, the winemaker has to be very "hands off" as the extraction is easy.
Few cuvées were produced with whole clusters (Clos St Marc, Clos des Argillières & Charmes) giving slower fermentation and more complexity