So 9

A "9" vintage is often a good one in Burgundy. Why? Good question. Still, 2009 gets into that “very good vintages” club...
A relatively classic year, with a nice flowering which gave the opportunity for a good harvest. August and September were warm and sunny enough to ripen the large quantity of grapes. High sugar levels meant we started picking on the 12th September.


The juice was well balanced, even if a lack of acidity was noted in a few cuvées. But the nice terroirs compensated for that with minerality which gives a harmonious balance to the wine, resulting in a feeling of freshness.
Another sign of perfect maturity was that the malolactic fermentation started quickly after the alcoholic fermentation, due to low levels of malic acid. The ageing period was average, between 16 to 18 months. The wines are rich in tannins, but at the same time we want to keep the fruity character. As often in the cellar, we compromised.


We get a lot of pleasure from drinking the ‘09, even young. The fruit is charming, tannins are soft and round. So why wait? It's true that lovers of fruity wine will really enjoy this vintage. The "burgundy specialist" who usually appreciates the classic will be a bit disappointed. But hopefully, each vintage is different!!
If it's always difficult to judge a wine’s ageing potential. We rarely go wrong, however, by advising our clients to wait 5 to 8 years after the harvest.