A bit early...

Spring came early; the winegrower worried about getting another very hot growing season like 2003 and having to pick in August. (In the past "early" vintages were good vintages because they were at the end of September instead of early October. But today, with better selection of plant material and careful work done in the vineyard, the picking dates are usually mid-September.) However, once past the spring heat wave, the weather became cold and rainy and flowering was difficult, leading to low yields on the vine. Eventually, things evened out and harvest started on the 1st September.


There was not much sorting to do; we had confirmation that the yields were low. Only 22hl/ha in the Clos des Argillières (that record was beaten in 2012...)
The juice was clean and balanced, and fermentation was quick.

What's next

Ageing was useful for this "soft" vintage. Color was of medium intensity, but the balance among acidity/tannins/alcohol was good, and the wines are very "drinkable" even young.
Should be best in 2013-2014...